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Imagine walking in a candlelit room with the smell of essential oil burning. This opens your senses and helps clear the mind. Would you like a beverage? I’ll guide you to your throne by candle, where you hear the subtle sound of warm water flowing through the foot jets adding to your excitement and anticipation!  Sit back, relax, and allow me to touch your sole! Listen to the various artist in the background as I take you to a place! Your place! The place you long for! 

 Service include: 3-part service, 1-hour max (varies with filing)

·        Foot file - removal of rough areas on the feet (time vary per person)

·        Foot scrub – cucumber scrub used to exfoliate and hydrate the skin.           Performed from the knee down to the tips of your toes. This moisturizes the skin leaving the skin feeling silky with a slight tingle sensation. 

·        Foot rub – This is the cherry on top! A continuation from the scrub, this rhythmic process is second to none! Multiple massage techniques are used to brush over many points of the feet that activate once manipulated. This process leaves you feeling relaxed and your feet energized. To walk on clouds, to say the least! You will be rubbing your legs and feet together like a cricket in the middle of the night!
*Lite snacks and beverage

-The Encounter is rhythmically applied to R & B sensual music.-


-Relaxation Station is rhythmically applied to tranquil/nature/jazz music.-
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